Power the Bulb

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Play Power the Bulb

Don't hesitate to challenge your brain in the Power the Bulb game. Here, you have to rearrange the direction of the electricity to light the bulb.

In the Power the Bulb game, the wires are cut into small pieces, which makes the bulb unable to light. Let's pull back the electrified wires and light the bulb. To be able to connect the wires together you need to change their direction. Use your mouse and click on the wires to change their direction. The wires will rotate clockwise, you click until the wire runs in the right direction. You do this with other wires, when the wires are adjusted in the right direction they will automatically link together. After forming a complete wire, the light bulb will glow and you will pass the level.

How does Power the Bulb change your brain?

The wires had been cut into various small pieces. You need to think carefully to be able to connect these wires to form a complete electrical wire. This task is not easy, it requires you to use all of your brain. Also, the game becomes more intense when you have to complete this challenge in a short amount of time. This stimulates your brain to help you practice problem-solving skills.