Racecar Steeplechase Master

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Racecar Steeplechase Master will bring you an unprecedented dangerous driving journey, you will have to drive while avoiding moving obstacles on the road.

You think the spectacular car races in the Madalin Cars Multiplayer game are the most dangerous, that's because you don't know this game. The game has also built you an F1 track, but on this track, there are some moving obstacles, these obstacles can be walls and guillotines. You have to move quickly and carefully to get to the finish line safely before other players. To control the car, you left click to move forward and release the mouse to stop, you should grasp the rules of this game to win every race.

Various choices of cars

You have a lot of vehicle choices in this game, in which the yellow car is the default car that you are equipped with when playing the game. Another car is the black car, it's a free car but you need to see ads to get it. In addition, the game also has countless cars with prices ranging from 20000 coins to 250,000 coins. The design and function of these cars are also improved for their price, you can also improve your own car using tools in the garage. You can upgrade on 2 functions, Speed Up and Brake, you can choose to upgrade with money or watch free videos.