Rail Maze Puzzle

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The features of Rail Maze Puzzle

Do not hesitate to take on challenges in Rail Maze Puzzle. Here, you need to control the direction of the trains so that it arrives at the right station.

In this game, there are many different trains that need to be brought to the right station. Your task is to change the direction of the track to bring the train to the right station. This game will take place on many levels. The goals at each level will be different. The level's goal will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You complete the missions of the game and pass the level. Play Rail Maze Puzzle on the Duck Life website and have a funny time.

Complete the mission

You need to change the tracks to perform the mission of this game. You use the mouse and click on the screen to change the direction of the track. You pay attention to the color of the carriages and the color of the train stations. You adjust the direction of the track so that the carriages return to the station of the same color. You have 3 chances to make a mistake. If you use up these 3 chances, you lose.