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Relic Runway



Continue to open a new adventure in Relic Runway. Here, you will play the role of an adventurer in the green forest. Run and escape from the forest.

Everyone is familiar with running games through the Subway Surfers Zurich game, now let Relic Runway take you to a new adventure. You are participating in an adventure in the green forest, where many dangers are hidden. Now, you are being chased by a ferocious stoner. The stoner was angry because you invaded its territory and it wanted to kick you out of its territory. You have to run fast to escape the pursuit of the stone man and also find your way out of this forest.

Escape from Stoner

Relic Runway game is an endless race, you need to run fast to escape the pursuit of Stoner. While running, you need to avoid obstacles such as a single track of tunnels and valleys. In addition, you need to pay attention to the bends so as not to fall into the cliff. With just a minute of neglect, you too can lose. Let's play and keep this race long.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to jump
  • Use the left and right arrows to steer left and right.
  • Use the down arrow to slide