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Runner Multiplayer


The exploration of an alien

The Runner Multiplayer game comes back with tough challenges. You have to control your alien character to go far in space and find a way home.

The Runner Multiplayer game is a different recommendation if the pursuit in Mumbai city of the Subway Surfers Mumbai game is getting too monotonous for you. You'll take part in the journey of an extraterrestrial that gets lost in an unfamiliar world. He has a very difficult time getting home because of all the challenges he must overcome. You must control him to escape the traps on this planet. Can you traverse this never-ending path? Bring the alien character home by joining the game.

Play the Runner Multiplayer game

Start a thrilling adventure

Aliens will adventure on an endless race track. Your character will be controlled by the mouse. Deep pits are the perils he must avoid. White lands are another issue; it has a loose texture and will shatter while leaping. He should be moved via the blue area since it has a stable texture. To pick a secure course for your character, you may also rotate the track's boundaries. Control the character carefully so as not to fly off the track. As far as you can to get a high score.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Have fun in 2 modes of Runner Multiplayer

  • In level mode, you will progress through a series of levels, and as you accomplish one, your adventure will be stored. As a result, if you fly out of space, the game will return you to the level's checkpoint.
  • You control the character on an indefinite trip in infinity mode. As you fly out of space, the game returns you to the beginning. Challenge yourself in this mode to get more interesting experiences.