Sandy Balls

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Introduce Sandy Balls

Participate in the Sandy Balls game and have fun experiences. Here, you need to dig the sand and open the roads to put the ball on the truck.

The balls need to be taken to the truck, but it was blocked by sand walls. Your task is to dig the sand and get the balls to the truck and pass the level. You need to let the truck reach as many balls as possible in order to win high ratings. Also, Sandy Balls has created countless levels for you. These levels are only unlocked when you conquer the ones before them. The difficulty of the game will be updated through each level. Are you ready for these challenges? Join our website and play this exciting game.

Play Sandy Balls

You need to dig the sand to get the balls to reach the truck. The balls are in a higher position than the truck, so you just need to open the way and the balls will automatically flow down. While digging sand you dig a path as flat as possible to avoid losing the balls. The more balls the truck catches, the higher your score.

How to control: Use the mouse to dig the sand.