Scrabble Challenging

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Are you ready for exciting challenges in the Scrabble Challenging game? In this game, you have to form a new word from 2 suggested pictures. After experiencing this game, I feel this is a suitable game for those who want to train their brain. Now I will talk about Scrabble Challenging rules and how to control them.

Scrabble Challenging rules

Scrabble Challenging rules are quite simple, you just need to form the required word from the suggested picture of the game. The game offers you 2 pictures with different themes. You will need to find the required word by matching these 2 pictures together. The game has also provided some letters, and the word required to be arranged from these letters. Each time you play, you will be guessed up to 3 times. If you use all 3 turns, you lose.

This game will help you train your thinking ability and language ability. You have to brainstorm to be able to find the required word, moreover, you must also have a good vocabulary. What are you waiting for without joining this game? Play this game now on the Duck Life website.

How to control

You use the mouse to place the letter. Click on the letters in order to form the required word.