Shark Attack

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Survive in Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a battle for the survival of a shark in the ocean, here, the shark must attack and eat small fish in the ocean to maintain life.

In this game, you will play as a shark who is fighting for his life. It has to move to every corner of the ocean and eat the little creatures in the ocean. In addition, this fish has the ability to destroy ships moving on the water, destroying ships is quite time-consuming but it gives the fish great profits. You choose the smartest methods to survive and become the ruler in this vast ocean.

The weakness of the shark

This fish has the ability to eat all creatures in the ocean, but it also has some weaknesses. Firstly, this fish cannot stay underwater for too long, when it dives too long under the water, the oxygen bar will decrease and it will die. The way to solve this problem is that the fish has to come to the surface and fill it with oxygen, this tank is drained very quickly and recovers very quickly. The second weakness is that the fish's active energy is also limited, when the energy bar runs out, the fish will also die, and the only way to solve it is to eat other creatures. One note is that when taking damage from attacking ships, the fish's energy bar will be reduced, do not focus too much on attacking ships but also replenish your own energy. You move the mouse to control the fish and left-click to be able to use some boost that the game has prepared for you.