Shell Shocker

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The heating arena in Shell Shocker

Firefights are taking place in the Shell Shocker game. You need to equip yourself with a good gun to fight against enemies. Be the destroyer in this game.

Shell Shocker is a fierce gunfight between eggs. Like in the Venge.io game, you need to equip yourself with a good gun to hunt enemies. Hiding is also a necessary skill when the opponent is too crowded. Do not try to fight when you see many enemies shooting at each other, you will easily become the one to be eliminated. Find yourself a hiding place, take advantage of the crowd, and take out the enemies that don't pay attention. Now, Play this wonderful game to get a great experience.

Play Shell Shocker

Participate in the dramatic arena

In this game, you will fight with 15 different eggs. Before entering the match, you will choose a suitable gun on the main menu. You can also pick up other guns in the arena. However, a good gun will give you more advantages at the start of the game. In addition, you can also pick up grenades and destroy enemies. The arena is quite small so enemy troops can appear anywhere. You pay attention to the sides of the arena so as not to be attacked too suddenly.

How to control

  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move
  • Use E to change the weapon
  • Use Q to throw a grenade
  • Use R to reload
  • Use Space to jump
  • Use Shift to zoom and aim

Equip the most powerful gun for your egg

Currently, the game has 7 guns with their own design and function. Those guns are EggK-47, Scambler, Free Ranger, FPEEG, Whipper, Crackshot, and Tri-hard. There is no strongest gun, only the most suitable gun for you. Choose the most suitable gun and become an egg hunter in this game.