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Skate Hooligans


Why is this boy being chased?

A dramatic chase is taking place under the train station in Skate Hooligans. A boy is being chased by an officer. Play and help him escape the chase.

It is inspired by the Subway Surfers Zurich game, Skate Hooligans is the story of a naughty boy. While playing with a ball at the train station, this boy accidentally broke people's glasses. Unfortunately, this incident was seen by the officer and now the boy is trying to escape the pursuit of the strict officer. Whether this boy escapes the arrest of the officer or not, it is up to you. Take control of this naughty boy and cut off the officer's tail.

Play Skate Hooligans

Escape from the chase

The boy will try to run away from the police chase and your task is to help him avoid the obstacles. In a crowded train station, obstacles will be trains, barricades, and so on. While being chased the boy will not notice these obstacles, so it is easy to get hit. Once this boy falls, he will fall into the hands of the officer. You must not let him down. Keep an appropriate distance from the officer and avoid obstacles.

Control the boy

You use the mouse or the keys on the keyboard to control this boy. With keys, you use the left and right arrows when you want to turn left or right. Press the up arrow to jump and use the down arrow to slide. When you use the mouse, you move the mouse to steer left and right. Click the mouse to jump or slide.

Use power-ups

  • Magnets: You pick up magnets to attract more coins while moving.
  • First-aid-kit: You can instantly stand up from a fall and not get caught by the police
  • Multiplier: Your points will be doubled for a certain amount of time