Skateboard Challenge

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Play Skateboard Challenge and have fun skateboarding experiences. You will control a boy who is skateboarding and committing a mission to pass the level.
A boy is skateboarding in the city. This boy is having to jump over the obstacles in the city and perform the mission. He will jump over obstacles like barriers to be able to maintain the journey. In addition, the boy's main task is to collect letters to form letters like S-K-A-T-E and C-O-M-B-O. You must complete the word SKATE to pass the level. Collecting COMBO letters will help you achieve higher scores. You should focus on the main task of collecting SKATE letters. In addition, while moving, you can collect coins, which will help you unlock unique skins for your character.

How to play Skateboard Challenge

Your character will move forward automatically, you press SPACEbar to jump. You have to jump up quickly when encountering obstacles so as not to fall. Sometimes the letters you need to collect will be in high places, you also need to jump to collect these letters. After collecting the required letters and reaching the finish line, you can pass the level. Play Skateboard Challenge and get a thrilling experience.