Ski Slopes

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Information you need to know

Ski Slopes gives you the experience of a professional skier, you will have to play the role of a snowman and have to slide from the snowstorm.

This game is set on a snowy mountain where avalanches occur frequently, where you will play as a snowman. This snowman is used to sudden avalanches, so he will quickly respond to an avalanche. When an avalanche warning occurs, the snowman will quickly grab his snowshoes and slide over the obstacle. The task of the snowman in this game is to slide as far as possible, the player must try his best to escape from the avalanche.

An important thing you need to do when participating in this race is to collect snowballs, which act as money in this game. You can spend from 200 to 1200 this snow to renew your character. In addition, you can also use the snow to upgrade the skateboard and you can upgrade on 2 criteria: backflip power and jump power. You will lose 200 snow for the first upgrade and this price will increase gradually for the next upgrades, you can upgrade up to 5 times.

How to solve the challenge

This game takes place on a snowy mountain, so players will also have to face countless obstacles on this mountain. The first thing to mention is the terrain, the terrain here is steep, it requires you to jump up continuously to not fall. In addition, on the mountain there are often bundles of dry firewood, you must jump when you meet it or you will fall and be engulfed by a blizzard. One thing you need to keep in mind when jumping is that when you hit the ground, running away from this snowfall is not only you but also other players. If on landing you hit other players, you also fall and lose. In terms of movement, your character will automatically move forward, you left-click to jump up and slide the mouse to create beautiful acrobatics.