Sliding Blocks

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Conquer challenges in Sliding Blocks

Get the experience of relaxing in the Sliding Blocks game. Your mission in this game is to slide the square blocks to the specified point on the map.

This game will start with simple challenges. You need to slide a square to a specified point on the map. These challenges are pretty easy until another block appears. When you control, both blocks will move at the same time. These 2 blocks will stick together when they touch each other. This makes it easier for you to bring these 2 blocks to a specified point close to each other. However, it is difficult for specific points. You have to take 2 blocks to 2 different places, so you can not let these 2 blocks touch each other. Once the 2 blocks stick together you will not be able to remove them.

Control: Use the mouse or the keys on the keyboard.

Tips to pass the challenge easier

  • When you bring 2 blocks to the same location, stick the blocks together to easily get through the edges of the game. However, you must not stick the blocks together while you are in the hole of the board.
  • When you send 2 blocks to 2 different locations, try to keep the 2 blocks from contacting each other.