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Slope Ball


Play Slope Ball

The magical journey of the ball

Excitement is the feeling you get when you play Slope Ball. You will have the opportunity to explore many new lands as a ball. Are you ready? Access the Duck Life website to play this wonderful game.

If you have experienced the dramatic race in the game Slope 3, it will be easy to get familiar with the mechanics of this game. However, the challenge set of this game is quite similar to Geometry Dash Bloodbath, you will not have to play the game in first person anymore. The game's obstacles also become more diverse as you face deep pits and sharp spikes. The difficulty of the game will increase until you reach the finish line. Conquering this game is not easy, but believing in your ability.

Control your ball

You use the key arrow to control your ball jump over obstacles

Conquer the new lands of Slope Ball

The journey of the game will have 11 stations and 3 main mascots. From station 1 to station 4 is the journey to rescue the X-part dinosaur. From station 5 to station 8, you will explore the land of the shepherd - Truth. Finally adventure to the land of flying dinosaurs - Dark Trip. These stations will open in order, so conquer everything from level 1. This is also quite good for you when developing skills.

Choose your character

This is an adventure of a ball, but that does not mean that the characters of this game are boring. You can choose between the game's characters.

  • Ship: This character can fly in the air. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the obstacles in the air.
  • Ball: Each time the control button is pressed, the character jumps and continuously rotates
  • UFO and Robot are for fans of science.