Snake Game

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Enjoy Snake Game

Participate in fierce food battles in Snake Game. In this game, your snake will need to find and eat apples on the map to increase its size.

In the playground of Snake Game, there are many different snakes feeding. The goal of all the snakes in this map is to earn food and increase your rank. You will control your snake to collect apples on the map. Each time you collect an apple the size of your snake's snake will increase a bit. You can also collect potions to move faster and collect more apples. However, Moving at a fast speed will make it difficult for you to control the snake. You will die when you crash into the wall or another snake's body.

Controls: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control.

Compete on leaderboards

The battle in this game becomes more fierce due to the appearance of the leaderboard. The top 10 players with the highest scores will appear on the leaderboard. Collect apples to score points, each apple is equivalent to 1 point. You can also kill other opponents to remove them from the leaderboard. You should choose players with high positions on the leaderboard to destroy. Play and become the leader on the leaderboard.