Sniper Trigger

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Your mission in Sniper Trigger

Sniper Trigger will give you the opportunity to become an assassin who will have to aim with the Sniper and take out moving targets on the roof of a building.

Your main target is terrorists who are moving on the roof of a building, they can move horizontally, move vertically, they can even move upwards. You will use a sniper and aim at another building, the distance between these buildings is quite large so you need to use a scope. You just need to kill these targets with headshots and complete the objective of the game.

Aim and conquer all levels

To aim at these objects, you use the mouse and move the binoculars to aim, after determining the location of the terrorists, release the mouse to shoot. For obstacles that can move forward, you can easily destroy them with headshots. But this becomes more difficult for terrorists who can move around. For these terrorists, you need to aim slightly forward so that when the bullet reaches its destination it can hit the target. If you aim to shoot at the exact location of the terrorist while he is moving, when the bullet arrives, it will deflect. Each time you play, the game will also give you 5 bullets, so you don't have too many opportunities to make mistakes. The leaders of terrorist organizations are waiting for you at high levels, capture the whole terrorist organization by overcoming challenges at different levels.