Spacebar Clicker

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Play the Spacebar Clicker game

Spacebar Clicker is a simple arcade game where you just need to click to create new values. Click the mouse and create the most value in this game.

If you are looking for a game to entertain, this is a great choice for you. Here, you can easily complete the mission of the game by clicking. You use the mouse and enter the Space bar on the screen. With each click, a new value will be generated. You need to create as high a value as possible in this game.

Control: Use the mouse to click on the screen.

Buy the helper to make more value

You can use the value you create to buy support. There is some basic help in the game. The most basic helper permission is a monkey, it costs 20. This helper will help you to click automatically and every 5 seconds will generate a value. Next is the Boomer Mom which costs 100. This helper will earn you 3 values for 1 second. Gen Z kid costs 900, along with the price are the benefits that it brings. It can make you 20 worth in a second. There are also countless other helpers, you upgrade these helpers to earn more value.