Square Run

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The obstacles of Square Run

If you have a stressful day, let Square Run entertain you. You will control a square block and jump over the obstacles and reach the finish line.

You are on a 2D path where dangerous obstacles appear. In this game, you will face obstacles such as spikes and arrows. You will fail if you touch it. Sharp spikes will appear on your way to your finish line. They can appear alone and can also appear in clusters that make it difficult for you to move. The arrows will fly directly toward you, they fly randomly making it difficult for you to defend. If these 2 obstacles appear at the same time, they will definitely knock you down. This game requires your patience and ingenuity. Do you want to conquer this challenge? Visit our website now to play this exciting game.

Complete the missions in the Square Run game

Your task in this game is to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line. To overcome the obstacles, you left click and jump. To be able to pass the spikes, you click the mouse twice to jump higher. Let's understand how the game works and conquer the challenges in this game.