Stack Colors

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Introduce Stack Colors

Test your reflexes in the Stack Colors game. You will hold a magnet and your task is to attract all sticks of the same color with your stick.

You will have to control a stick character moving on a path. On this path, there are sticks with different colors. Your task is to try to collect as many sticks of the same color as possible. This is not an easy challenge when you still have to compete with sticks of different colors. Play and test your dexterity and agility.

Move on the path and collect sticks

There are many colorful sticks appearing on the path, you need to collect as many sticks of the same color. This means that you follow the color of your body and then collect color sticks. Every time you collect a stick of a different color, you will lose a stick of the same color. You notice the filters on the road. After going through the filters, your character will be discolored. This is the difficulty of the game. Your character changing color when going through the filter will make you confused and take a short time to distinguish the colors. During this time, you will likely collect sticks of different colors and lose sticks of the same color.

How to control: Move the mouse.