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About Stacktris

Some descriptions

Do not miss the exciting challenges in the Stacktris game. You have to arrange randomly falling tetrominoes so that they are as high as possible.

It is the same as other brain training games on the Duck Life website, Stacktris requires you to have a reasonable strategy to get a high score. This game will never end until you lose. You must arrange the blocks of free-falling tetrominoes so that it is stationary on the crossbar. You must not let any tetrominoes drop or you will lose. You take risky moves to get a high score. Let's play and conquer the highest score in this game.

The way this game calculates points

This game scores points according to the height of the tetrominoes blocks. It does not matter how many tetrominoes you can stack, as long as you stack many tetrominoes on top of each other, you will get a high score. If you can arrange many tetrominoes without increasing the dimension, you will not be awarded points.

This game also scores according to the danger of your steps. The more dangerous the move you make, the higher the score you get. However, taking risky moves will cause you to end the game early.

Control tetromino blocks

The tetrominoes will rotate freely in the air, you use the mouse and touch the screen to make them stop rotating. Then, you move the mouse to position the tetrominoes. After you release the mouse the tetrominoes will bat down to the spot directly below it. However, it will have displacement. The displacement is large or small depending on the inclination of the tetrominoes. The more parallel the tetrominoes block to the background, the lower the displacement rate. You will end the game when any block of tetrominoes falls into the cliff.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.