Stick Merge

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Your mission in Stick Merge

Stick Merge gives you the opportunity to become a great shooter. You are involved in intense training sessions and upgrade the gun and shoot down the target.

To become a good shooter you need to practice non-stop, so this game takes you to a shooting range. You will have to deal with stationary targets at low levels and targets that can move at higher levels. That's why you need to upgrade your guns, guns with high damage will help you defeat targets quickly and in just one shot. Moreover, you can also earn money by upgrading guns. The amount you earn will be proportional to the level of the gun. Now, the game has yet to introduce the gun with the highest level. Challenge yourself by merging the gun and being the owner of the most powerful guns in this game.

Shoot down all the target

You will use the mouse to control the gun and aim to capture the targets. Move the mouse to the location of the target then click to shoot it down. You will also do the same with the upgrade. You pull different guns and merge them together to create more powerful cannons.