Stick Slasher

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Play Stick Slasher

Stick Slasher is a never-ending battle between Stickers. You have to use a sword and shield and fend off the onslaught of other stick enemies.

You will control a human sticker that is under attack from many sides. You use the mouse and control the direction of shields and ants to fight opponents. These opponents will focus on your head attack so protect your head carefully. You can destroy opponents by stabbing them with a sword or using a shield. Play Stick Slasher and destroy all your enemies.

Play in various modes

This game has 3 different modes: classic, shield master, and a giant sword. In shield master mode, you can only use your shield to fight your opponent. Just make the opponent hit the shield to be able to destroy them. In giant sword mode, you fight your opponent with a long sword, you use the sword and skewer your opponent before they skewer you. In classic mode, you will be able to use both sword and shield. Use your shield to block attacks and use your sword to counter your opponents. Use the mouse to control the direction of the sword. No matter what level you are, be the one to get the highest score.