Sum Lines

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About Sum Lines

Sum Lines are simple math problems where you have to arrange different numbers and sequences of numbers to complete the calculation of the game.

The game creates simple calculations to challenge your intelligence. However, this calculation is missing some parts, your task is to complete the calculation. This game has provided you with the first number and the result of the calculation, you use the mouse to type the numbers at the bottom of the screen to complete the calculation. You may have to complete 2 calculations at once, you don't have to arrange all the numbers that appear on the screen, just need to be interested in the result of the calculation. Each calculation is a different level, when you complete a level you have been taken to the next level.

The benefit of playing Sum Lines

This game will help you train your calculation ability through continuous calculations. Specifically, each calculation will have a time limit, so you must quickly complete the calculation as quickly and accurately as possible. Moreover, continuously completing the calculations helps stimulate the brain and you have a more agile response to difficulties.