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Super Mario Rush


The Mario story

Super Mario Rush will take you into the wonderful world of Mario. You will rescue Mario from the fire and take him to explore the new world.

At the beginning of the game, Mario's house is attacked by ferocious flames, so he's running away from the fire. Now that he has no home to return to, you take control of him and open up exciting adventures. On this journey, Mario will face countless different challenges, you have to be really agile to be able to avoid these obstacles. Are you confident that you can keep him safe? Join this journey now and prove your leadership.

Start your journey to conquer the world

Control you Mario and discover a new world

Mario will face countless obstacles on his adventure. He needs to jump over the platforms and collect the coins along the way. Meanwhile, Mario needs to face the obstacles that appear constantly on the road. These obstacles are poisonous mushrooms, and sharp spikes, which you cannot confront head-on. You can jump on top of them to kill them and also ignore them. In each race, you only have one life move and when you die you will have to start from the beginning, so be careful on each journey.

How to control: You the mouse and click on the screen to jump, and you tap twice to double jump. Hold the mouse to fly up.

Buy your favorite custom

While controlling Mario to explore new worlds you need to collect coins, these coins will help you change Mario's outfit. Costumes with different designs and prices are waiting for you to discover in the game's store. These skins cost 200 coins each and the design of these skins is completely hidden. You need to open all of these skins to find the one you love.