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About Superspin.io

Join the bloody wars in Superspin.io. In this game, you control your spinner and collect magic sparks in the arena and try to get the highest score.

This is a direct fighting game where you will face other spins. These cams are doing the same job, which is to collect blobs of light in the arena. These magic sparks will help the reels upgrade themselves and become larger in size. This game has a leaderboard that honors players with high scores. This is the motivation for the players to fight hard. Let's play and be at the top.

Take part in the dramatic war

Players will use the mouse to control their spinner. This spin will move in the direction d moves the mouse. The speed of the spinning top will be proportional to its size. You can roll to the position of the smaller reels and destroy them. When destroyed, this spinner will be turned into magic spots that when eaten this magic spark will quickly increase in size. Thus, you will also have to stay away from spinners that are larger than you if you do not want to become their prey. Are you hold the rule? Let's fight