Sushi Party

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Descriptions of Sushi Party

Join the food parties in the game Sushi Party. In this game, you have to play as a snake who is finding food and trying to increase its size.

This game is set at a wonderful Japanese food party. Here, your food will be sushi, rice, and so on. You have to collect a lot of food to be able to increase your maximum size. In addition, you can also attack other opponents to make them become your food. This is a lucrative bargain that makes you increase in size quickly.

In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a leaderboard, which honors the players with the highest scores. Because this leaderboard can only hold 10 people, you need to try to hunt as much as possible to be here.

Fight with other opponents

You use the mouse to control your snake, the snake will move in the direction you roll the mouse. You should move slowly to avoid other opponents' attacks. In addition, you can also actively attack other opponents to turn them into your food. You move quickly, crossing your opponent's head to make them crash into your body and become food. You eat these strings of food to increase your size quickly.