Tiger Run

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Participate in the chase in Tiger Run

Take part in the dramatic race in the Tiger Run game. Here, you will have to escape the pursuit of the guard and avoid the vehicles on the street.

Because of the zoo's lax control, a tiger escaped, this tiger is being chased by the guard. Here, you will not play the role of a guardian but will play the role of a running tiger. You will control the tiger to run through countless obstacles on the street and escape the pursuit of the guard. This is a very interesting game. What are you waiting for without participating in the challenges in this game?

Avoid the obstacles on the street

In this game, you will have to face the pursuit of the guard and overcome the obstacles on the way. Since you are on the street, the obstacles that you face are vehicles going in the opposite direction. You control the tiger very quickly to be able to avoid other obstacles. Like the Subway Surfers World Tour: Marrakesh game, you click the up arrow key to jump and press the down arrow key to slide. You use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Hold the rule and conquer this game.