Tiles Hop

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Some descriptions of Tiles Hop

Immerse yourself in the musical world of Tiles Hop. In this game, you will play the role of a musician who must always keep the music playing.

You will play the role of a musician and have to keep the music running smoothly. You use your mouse to give you the flexibility of your hand to keep hitting the keys and keep your music playing. You can control the game by choosing your favorite music. In particular, the basic music of the game is Winkle Winkle little star, Ain't No Thing But To Swing, in addition, there is countless interesting music in the store. Choose your favorite music and enjoy this game

How the game works

This game has fairly simple gameplay. The piano will be divided into 4 columns and the keys will appear on these columns. The order of appearance of these keys is completely random and it will get faster over time. You will control a ball that moves forward automatically. Because the ball has moved forward automatically, you only need to drag the mouse to the sides to steer the ball. The game will end when you complete the track or you miss.