Tiles of Egypt

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Have fun in Tiles of Egypt

Are you ready for exciting challenges in the Tiles of Egypt game? You need to remove the tiles by placing the tiles on the board in sets of 3.

This game will create a board with different types of tiles. These tiles are being arranged in a messy position, your task is to arrange these tiles in the lower bar of the screen. You complete the task when you clear all the tiles on the board. This task is quite simple, you just need to use a little brain to overcome this challenge. Are you confident that you can conquer it? Access the Duck Life website and play this game!

The rule to arrange the tiles

Tiles will appear cluttered on the board. You use the mouse and drag these tiles down the bars at the bottom of the screen. When these tiles form a set of 3 of the same types, they will disappear from the screen. You do this until you destroy all the tiles on the screen. You should note that the horizontal ladder at the bottom of the screen can only hold up to 7 tiles. When this bar is full and you still haven't destroyed all the tiles on the map, you will lose. Let's play and conquer this challenge.