Tomb Of The Dash

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Play Tomb Of The Dash

Don't hesitate to participate in exciting challenges in Tomb Of The Dash. You control a block that moves through the maze and reaches the endpoint.

A square block is stuck in the maze. Your task is to control this square box and bring it to the end of the maze. While moving you need to collect small pieces of cheese on the screen. These cheese pieces will help you upgrade your character. While moving in the maze you need to pay attention to the sharp spikes. These spikes are quite small so you need to pay attention to be able to spot them. You will die instantly if you touch it. Avoid the spikes and move your box to the finish line.

Control: You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your character.

Play this game on several levels

This game will create many interesting levels waiting for you to conquer. These levels will be different through each level with different challenges. It requires you to have ingenuity to be able to overcome it. Your rating through each level will be calculated by the number of stars you collect in the maze. The maximum score is 3 stars. Hay won the highest score.