Tower Climb

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Your mission in Tower Climb

Are you ready to participate in the challenges in the Tower Climb game? Here, you will control a monkey and have to climb high on a thorny pillar.

A monkey is stuck on a thorny pole, below it, this is a river of acid. The monkey had to climb up quickly so as not to be killed by the acid river. In addition, your monkey must avoid the thorns on the pillar. Once your monkey touches the spike, it will also die instantly. Show your reflexes and quick hand movements by climbing high on this pillar. Each time you climb high you get an extra point. The higher you climb, the higher your score. Let's play and see how far you can go in this game.

Control your monkey and pass the mission

You can easily control your character by using the mouse. You click the mouse anywhere higher than your monkey on the pillar to climb up. You switch between 2 sides of the pillar to change direction. You can repeatedly click on one side of the pillar and climb up as long as you don't die. This is a simple but equally interesting task. Are you ready?