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Traffic Command


Be a traffic controller

Be an exemplary traffic controller in the Traffic Command game. You change the traffic lights on the road so that there are no traffic accidents.

Maybe this is the first time you come across a game like Traffic Command on our website. You will be the traffic light controller in the game Traffic Commander. The streets are very crowded and accidents happen often. You control the direction of the vehicles by changing the traffic signal. These cars follow the signal lights, so if there is any traffic accident, the car is your fault. This means you fail. But I believe that with your ability, it is impossible to fail in this simple game.

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Play Traffic Command

Control traffic in the Traffic Command game

To begin, you must rely on traffic flowing in all directions to manage the traffic lights. You use your mouse to alter the traffic light signal from green to red and back again. When the light is green, cars can go; when the light is red, they must stop. You should observe that the automobiles must wait for an extended period of time. They will create a lot of noise by blowing their horn.

This is a rather intensive game, so don't be too concerned about making errors. You have three opportunities every turn. You will fail if you allow three accidents to occur. Do not let yourself fail too soon because there are more difficult challenges waiting for you to discover. The game's challenges only open when you complete all the missions. Now, get ready for a new journey in Traffic Command!

Way to control traffic light

You use the mouse and click on the traffic light to change its color.