Train 2048

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The rules of Train 2048

Let's play the Train 2048 game and the ore train moves far away. In this game, you will help the train move by putting tiles together to create fuel.

A train is stuck on the tracks due to running out of fuel. Your task in this game is to create fuel and help the train move far. To be able to create a lot of fuel, you need to merge tiles together. The tiles will drop with random values from the top of the screen, you click on the screen to adjust the position of these tiles. When two tiles of the same value stack on top of each other they will merge and create a lump of fuel, this fuel will help the train move. If you create a combo it will generate more fuel and the train will move faster. The more fuel you create, the farther the train travels, which means more points you will have. This game will not be endless, the next tile will drop right where the previous tile was, so you lose if you fill a vertical column.

How to control

You use the mouse and then click on any position you want on the screen to place the tile.