Trap The Cat

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How to trap a cat

Trap The Cat is an entertaining game where you have to create a trap and trap a cat in it, you lose when the cat finds its way out of the trap.

A cat will appear on a board with empty cells, on which there is already a trap. You use the mouse and click where you want to place the trap on the screen and prevent the cat from escaping the board. Every time you place a trap the cat will have a move, the direction of this cat's movement is completely random so you need to come up with the perfect strategies to trap the cat. And the cat will not be able to move forward to manipulate the cat's direction, only when you have the right to dominate you can win this game. The cat will move in an unknown direction, so place traps in different positions to block the cat's path. If the cat finds a way out of the trap board, you lose. If the cat gets stuck in the trap and can't move, you win.

Benefits of this game

This is a strategy game so you need to have good thinking to be able to set useful traps. In addition, the game also requires you to have good observation ability to calculate the cat's steps and set traps. Trapping the cat through a variety of times will help you develop a reflexive mindset with the cat's steps. If you want to exercise your strategic thinking then join this game, it will not let you down.