Truck Driving

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Some descriptions of Truck Driving

Truck Driving is a driving journey on the construction site. Here you will play the role of a driver and transport materials to the finish line.
Truck Driving is the last part driving game of Drive Mad, that's why you feel the driving style of this game is familiar. It has completely inherited the controls of the original game, but it has also evolved with a variety of vehicles. It is no longer the experience of driving racing cars on rough terrain, now you will have to drive trucks in construction terrain. Challenges will pile up as you have to move while keeping building materials safe. Use your ingenuity and bring this car to the finish line.

Overcome the challenge

This game will take place on a construction site, at first your car will be filled with stones. You have to get these stones over the obstacles to the finish line safely. This game becomes more challenging when you have to drive on a construction site. You will have to overcome the pits that appear unexpectedly on the construction site. Like the previous versions of this game series, you will lose if you let the car overturn.