Unblock Me Now

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Some descriptions

Unblock Me Now is a puzzle game where you go on a mission to rescue the red block. You rearrange the positions of the other blocks to complete this task.

When you look at the screen, you will see a block of red color stuck in the board. This red block is being blocked by different colored blocks. You need to open a path and help this red block escape from the board. Take this challenge and conquer many different levels. The game has created countless challenges through the levels. The challenges are increased by increasing blocks of different colors on the board. This makes it difficult for you to rearrange the blocks. However, do not worry, use your ability to think and solve problems.

Conquer the challenge

To overcome this challenge, you need to rearrange blocks of different colors. These blocks can only move in one direction along their length. Therefore, you pay attention to the area that these blocks will take and arrange. The red block can only move in one direction of the exit. So, you open a straight line from the exit to the red block and rescue it.

Control: You use the mouse to drag and change the position of the blocks.