Uncle Ahmed

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Participate in Uncle Ahmed

Are you ready for the exciting adventure in the Uncle Ahmed game? Explore the obstacles and collect as many coins as you can when you reach the finish line.

This game is inspired by the legendary Mario character, it has created a never-ending adventure. The game will take place in a peaceful village, where people live peacefully until the witch appears. She casts a curse on the villagers and forces your character to go on an adventure. He has to participate in a dangerous adventure to rescue the villagers. Are you ready to join this journey? Let's access Duck Life to play.

Face the obstacles

You will be playing the role of a farmer and participating in an endless adventure. Here, you will face obstacles such as chickens, deep holes, and so on. The interesting thing about this game is that it creates mysterious boxes on the way to move. When you touch these boxes, coins or obstacles will appear, this is completely dependent on your luck. No matter what happens, do not ignore these boxes. Be brave and overcome all these obstacles.

How to control: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your character.