Unpark Me

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Introduce Unpark Me

Unpark Me is an entertaining game where you will have to rearrange the messy cars in the parking lot and rescue your car. Can you pass this challenge?

In this game, your car is stuck in a parking lot. The cars were in a mess, even blocking the door. Your task is to rearrange these cars and help the white car out of the parking lot successfully. This mission will be stretched through many different levels. The game becomes more difficult when there are many other cars of different sizes. Are you confident that you can overcome this challenge? Join the Duck Life website and explore.

How to arrange the car

Different cars will be arranged in different directions in the parking lot, you need to drag and rearrange these cars. After you arrange an exit, the white car will automatically run out of the parking lot and you complete the task. This game will calculate the point of completing the task will be the number of moves that you have made. If you complete the mission with the target, you will be rated as 3 stars. The more moves you make, the lower your score.

Control: Drag the mouse to move the car.