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Water Pipe


About Water Pipe

Introduce Water Pipe

The water pipes in the Water Pipe game are in disarray. Your mission in this game is to arrange the position of the pipes to form a complete flow.

The Water Pipe game requires you to have good logical thinking as well as sharp eye ability. The water pipes are being misplaced, you need to find their correct position. Each pipe is cut into small pieces, so you need to be meticulous to find the right location. Not only that, the arrangement time is limited, so you have to arrange quickly and do it right.

Some benefits of playing Water Pipe

It is the same as the Sudoku Daily game, this game helps you train your thinking ability and sharp eyes. The water pipes are cut into small pieces, requiring you to be patient to arrange them. In addition, there are too many pipes cut out, requiring you to have good thinking to arrange. Just misaligning one pipe can lead to a dead end. In addition, the game also arranges the excess water pipes to distract your thinking. You need to analyze the water pipes to find the most accurate direction of movement. Therefore, This game can help you train your logical thinking and patience.

Arrange the correct position of the pipes

The water pipes will be divided into a 4x6 grid, each cell in the grid will be a piece of water pipe. You use your mouse to click on the pipes to rotate them. The water pipes will rotate from left to right. You will continuously rotate the pipes to form a complete pipe. You will be limited for 10 seconds, after 10 seconds the water will flow automatically. You must not let the water leak out, otherwise, you lose.

Control: Use the mouse to rotate the water pipe.