Where Is The Water

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About Where Is The Water

Play and help the crocodile in Where Is The Water find the water source. You need to create currents to guide the water to the crocodile's location.

A crocodile was taking a bath, however, its water source was cut off while bathing. Your task is to find the water source for the crocodile. You need to open the pipes so that the water is not lost on the way to the crocodile's place.

You also have the opportunity to play at many different levels. The pipes also become more difficult to fix because it is entangled with obstacles. Sometimes it can take you a whole day to solve this problem. Are you ready for the challenges in this game?

Play Where Is The Water

The crocodile's house is underground, you need to dig tunnels to lead water to its location. The amount of water at each level will be limited, you need to bring enough water to bathe the crocodile and complete the level. While leading the water you keep an eye out for obstacles like lava and drains. The drain will drain your water, while the lava will completely absorb your water. Therefore, you will not be able to lead the water to the location of the crocodile and you lose.

Control: Use the mouse