Wild West Survivor

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About Wild West Survivor

Wild West Survivor is a thrilling survival game. Players will play the role of a cowboy and destroy all bloodthirsty birds coming from different directions.

Your task in this game is to destroy all birds of prey coming from different directions. These birds will appear suddenly and attack you. Their spawn frequency is also random, sometimes you will not be attacked, and sometimes you will be attacked by a flock of birds. So this game requires you to have an agile reflex to be able to overcome these challenges. You will never kill the same birds, you can only try to destroy as many birds as possible. For each bullet you hit, you will receive a point, and the total score will be recorded when you are destroyed by the birds. These birds will attack you by pecking at you and losing blood. When the mana bar above your head runs out, you lose.

How to control your character.

You can control your character by using the mouse and the keys on the keyboard. You press the back arrow key to make your character move in the direction indicated by the arrow. Move the mouse around the puzzle to aim, then left-click to shoot down the birds