Winter Soccer

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Some features of Winter Soccer

Winter Soccer is a very dramatic football game, you will have to fight with another team and bring the ball to the goal before the opponent.

This is just a soccer simulation game, so you only need to control five pieces corresponding to two players. The enemy also has two players, so this is a battle of four players, the task of these players is to put the ball into the goal before the opponent. You will be able to choose a team before coming to this battle, and the opponent's team is random. You can choose any team you want because the strength of your army does not depend on the type of army and you choose it depends on your ability. This is an extremely fierce battle, you must use all your abilities to win this war. Play this game and take your team to the championship.

Kick the ball in the goal

At the beginning of the game, a ball will appear in the middle of the field, the weaker team will be the team that kicks the ball first. Then, the two teams will take turns kicking the ball and you use the mouse to control your player. After your opponent shoots the ball, you need to find the player closest to the ball and give the most advantage to kick the ball. Use the mouse and click on the player you want to shoot, then drag the mouse in the opposite direction to aim, and release the mouse to shoot the ball. You should remember that each team will be kicked in turn so you must not miss a single shot, or you will lose quickly. Always keep the ball in the opponent's half of the field to gain more advantage. This game will not have an end time, but when you choose to exit the game, the team that scores more points will win.