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Release stress with

Enjoy moments of relaxing in Will you be able to grow into the greatest snake? Go to the Duck Life website and play this game.

You will start your life as a small worm. You move on the map and hunt for food to increase your size. Your food is the fruits and cakes on the map. However, you can also turn other opponents into food if you are brave and agile enough. You move over the opponent's head to eliminate the opponent. Then they will turn into a food chain, you collect this food chain and make you grow faster. Similarly, you also have to pay attention to opponents that are not destroyed in this way.

The way to control your worm

You use the mouse to control your worm to hunt food.

4 exciting modes of the game

It is similar to Just Fall LOL, This game has 4 modes

  • In Infinity mode: You can move freely until you die. This mode is very suitable for training your hand operation.
  • In Time mode: You have seven minutes to play. You receive double points and money in this mode.
  • In Treasure Hunter mode: This mode lasts for 5 minutes and requires you to locate hidden treasures on the map.
  • In the Treat or Dare mode: You will play for 10 minutes, and you need to collect pumpkins for gifts

Some advice for you

You should move at a slow speed and watch out for players around you.

Other players are a lucrative bargain. Move quickly over their heads and knock them down. After death your opponent will turn into food, you eat this food chain and increase your size quickly.

In addition, the game also has some power-ups such as acceleration, this power-up helps you move quickly over the opponent's head and destroy them.