Zoo Boom

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Some features of Zoo Boom

Welcome to Zoo Boom - an interesting game. In this game, you need to click to collect the animals required by the game to complete the mission.

Various animals are present in the Zoo Boom game. You need to collect the animals required by the game to pass the level. To collect these animals you need to click on them. When these animals gather in a group of 2 or more items standing next to each other, they will disappear from the map. Each time you play, you will have a certain number of turns. If you run out of these turns and still haven't completed the game's challenge, you lose. You collect the same animals to complete the mission.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

Conquer all levels of Zoo Boom

You will be playing this game through many different levels. In level 1, you will be able to perform single tasks, you just need to collect the available animals of the game. From level 2 onwards, you need to find hidden animals. You collect 5 animals at once to create the hummingbird and collect it. Play and conquer the challenges in this game.