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Zumba Ocean


Some features

Play and defend your territory in the Zumba Ocean game. In this game, you have to shoot and stop the gems from moving toward your territory.

In the Zumba Ocean game, you will play the role of a defender in the ocean. Here, your territory is being invaded by the army of gems. Gems of different colors are moving toward your territory. You control the cannon and destroy these gems. This game creates many levels to challenge you. The challenges will increase with each level. Play and conquer all levels of this game.

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How to destroy the gems

You will control a cannon in the middle of the screen. You use the mouse to aim the firing position for your cannon. The gems will appear in random order on the chain. You shoot gems of the same color as those on the chain to destroy them. There is a small note for you that you can change the bullet of the cannon. Click on the cannon to change the position of the bullets. Click on the position of the gems in the chain to fire the cannon.

Use power-up

  • A bomb clears all the gems in a chain.
  • Rainbow gems destroy all the gems that are the same color as the bullet you shoot.
  • Lightning destroys all the gems in a straight line.