99 Ball 3D

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Some descriptions of 99 Ball 3D

Welcome to the great game 99 Ball 3D. In this game, you need to shoot tennis balls and destroy the tiles above. Are you ready for this challenge?

If you have ever played the Bricks and Balls game, I believe you will easy to be familiar with the gameplay of this game. Your main task is to shoot all the tiles above. This tile will appear at various values. Each time the ball touches these tiles, the tile will decrease by one value. After each time you shoot the ball, the tile will advance a little bit. When one of these tiles hits the safe line, you lose. At this point, the game will calculate your score, the highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen.

Play 99 Ball 3D

You use your mouse to control your ball. You drag the mouse to aim the shooting position for your ball. When you drag the mouse, the game will create dashed lines that describe the direction of your ball. After being aimed, you release the mouse to shoot the ball. When the ball hits the tile it will fly in the opposite direction. One ball can destroy many tiles. You can also collect balls that appear randomly on the screen to be able to destroy the tiles faster.