Among Us Rescue

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The obstacles in Among Us Rescue

Are you ready for the challenges in Among Us Rescue? In this game, you have to rescue the crewmates and bring them to the location of the treasure.

The main challenge of the game is lava. Lava is an extremely scary thing in this game. If in the game Where Is The Water, the lava only absorbs water, in this game, the lava will destroy everything. Lava will destroy all gold and silver and even your life. Do you dare to face this challenge? Play and prove your courage.

How to eliminate the obstacles in Among Us Rescue

Your main task in this game is to bring the crewmate to the treasure. But in order to do that, you need to find a way to eliminate the lava. You can choose paths that don't have lava. However, there are many levels that require you to face the lava directly, don't worry, you can use water to solve it. You pour lava into the water to cool it. While handling lava you must not let them touch the treasure. Since treasures are encrusted with lava they will be destroyed and you will lose. Are you ready for it? Let's play.

Control: Use the mouse to remove the pin bar.