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Apple Worm


The Journey of a little Worm

The hot game - Apple Worm has appeared on our Duck Life website. Here, you will control the little worm to eat the apple and find its way out of the maze.

This game is inspired by the hunting game - However, it is built on a different foundation. There will be no fierce battle between the worms. This is just the journey of the little worm who wants to get out of the maze. However, escaping the maze is never easy when the maze always contains traps. Your worm just needs to go a little wrong to be stuck forever in this maze. Get ready for the journey to rescue the worm.

Play Apple Worm

Find the way out of the maze

It is not dangerous like in Geometry Dash Bloodbath, there is a simple maze in the air. You control the worm moving on the stairs of the game. You need to be careful not to fall out of the maze. Remember that an apple is just a tool to help you reach the exit easier. Therefore, don't focus too much on the apples. When you eat an apple, your worm will be longer and easier to reach the exit door.

Control: Use the mouse to control your worm.

Play this game on several levels

This game has a set of challenges through each level. The first levels are just a warm-up so you can get used to the mechanics of the game. Real challenges are still waiting for you at the higher levels. In later levels, there will be more traps. For example, there are levels where you don't need to eat apples to get out of the maze. However, you can still spend hours and hours just trying to find a way to eat apples. Make smart choices in this game.