Bee Connect

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Compare Bee Connect and Merge Pirates

What are you waiting for without participating in the challenges in Bee Connect? You have to change the position of the values in the hive and connect it.

If you have ever played the Merge Pirates game, then I believe you can easily get used to the gameplay of this game. Your task in both these games is to merge values, but they have different gameplay. In the Merge Pirates game, the game will also give you hexagons with different values. You will put these blocks on the board and merge them. In the game Bee Connect, these blocks are on the board, you will have to change the position of the blocks on the board.

The rules of Bee Connect

You touch the block that you want to change, then you click the one position on the board to change its position. If you form a sequence with 4 values standing next to each other they will merge together. When these blocks merge, they increase in value 3 times. For example, when you merge 4 hexagons with value 2 together they will form a new block with value 8. If after you swap places, the blocks can't merge, 5 hexagons with random values will appear. The game will end when there is no room for new blocks on the board.

How to control: Use the mouse.