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Merge Pirates


About Merge Pirates

Some Features

Are you ready for great moments in the game Merge Pirates? You have to arrange the pirate boats on the map and get the highest score possible.

If you have ever played the Merge The Gem game, you may like this game. You will do the familiar tasks of combining items together. In this game, the items that you need to merge are boats. This task is quite simple but getting a high score is not easy. Are you ready?

How to play Merge Pirates

You use the mouse to arrange the position of the pirate boats. These boats can stand alone or stick to each other. When they are arranged on a hexagonal map, the boats will separate and merge with other boats of the same type. The game will and when the map has no room to put the boats.

Different from the Merge Melons game

In the Merge Melons game, Fruits of different types will appear at the top of the screen. You will click and choose the drop location for them. After falling, the fruits will merge together to form a larger fruit. These fruits will move, making it difficult for you to control the position.

In the Merge Pirates game, you will have to arrange the boats in the lower corner of the screen into the hexagonal map. When you form a row with 3 or more items standing side by side, they will merge together to form a new boat. These boats will not move so you can control their position.